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Kitchen Ceiling Pot Lights

Illuminating a room take more than just a light fixture here or there. You need a variety of lighting options to fully make use of a space. That’s where ceiling lights come in. We offer many kitchen and other ceiling lighting systems that make use of all kinds of lighting, from task to ambience. That’s because one size light does NOT fit all! You need different levels of lighting for different tasks. For instance, mood lighting allows you to dim the lights when you’re having an intimate dinner or when you’re settling in for a movie. If you need to perform a detailed task, such as sewing or cooking, you need lots of bright light to see what you’re doing.

Kitchen Ceiling Pot Lights

For task lighting, such as chopping veggies on a cutting board or making coffee, we suggest pendant lighting. These lights hang down in a pendulum form to offer more of a focused beam of light right over your work station. You can adjust them to any height you want, and they hang from a single cord for a sleek, modern look. Recessed lighting, or pot lighting, is another popular option, because you can position the individual lights in a row and angle them how you want.

For ambient lighting, which illuminates a larger area such as around your cabinets or a dining table, you’ll need a central place for one light fixture to be installed. You have a variety of material choices when going with ambient lighting, from glass and iron to ceramic and plastic. It’s easy to find ceiling lights Toronto that fit in with your décor.

Accent lighting sometimes comes into play when you want to highlight a certain decorative area of your home, such as a china cabinet or artwork. These can also be installed in the ceiling, designed to angle downward on your chosen object. Pot lights work great for accent lighting, but the good news is, with accent lighting, you can opt for smaller bulbs for even less energy consumption and bulk.

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